" I really see and feel big changes in my body since coming to

Full Body Strength!!"

~Gayle, Statistician, Wife, Sister

Gayle has been coming to FBS class for  about 8 months :) 

" I always sleep better after Yoga class"

~Susan, Wife, Mother, Occupational Therapist 

"My back feels so much better since coming to Yoga class"

~Kelly, Wife, Mother, Office Worker 

Winter Solstice

YoCardio® is a Brand New workout that combines the benefits of Yoga and Cardio. This routine engages all muscles, all levels, and all ages for a full body workout.

Energy with Judy
 Hanover ,Pa

Provides Certified and Experienced, Personal and Group:
 Weight Management Training

YoCardio (Mix of Yoga & Cardio)

Personal Training 

I will help you set goals and reach them.  I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, connecting your mind, body and spirit, breathing techniques, meditation, and a weight management plan that works for you.
The Results…You will…Lose Weight Inches and Stress and…. You Will… Look Feel and Sleep Better

Yoga for any Occasion


Partner/Couples Yoga
Birthday, Promotion, Corporate Meeting, Retirement, Graduation, Retreat
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