Aerial Yoga is a type of Yoga which uses a soft fabric hammock to support your body during Yoga poses. The expert Aerial Yoga Teachers at Energy With Judy received their Aerial Yoga Training from Jayne Bernasconi who created Aerial Yoga BT (Bernasconi Technique) in 2002. Her safety techniques will ensure you get the expert instruction to learn proper form and relaxation methods on the freeing and calming effects from the hammock. The Hammock will allow you to sink deeper into poses and perform poses that you may not typically be able to perform on the mat. When you are ready you will be carefully guided into the therapeutic energy of inversion. This will create health benefits for you such as: decompression of your spine, reversing the flow of blood helps eliminate toxins from your body, cleansing and clearing impurities and lactic acid, and gives your heart and the rest of your body a break from the pull of gravity.

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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga  717-634-6168