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​​​​Mind~Body Fitness


​The art of meditation is focusing on one thought instead of the many that race through our minds on a daily basis,  which cause stress, pain,  anxiety, and illness. Learn how to go inside, clear, empty and still the mind and body.     


​A New Exercise routine combining the benefits of Yoga and Cardio. Go bare foot to open the feet for a grounding, total calorie burning mind body all levels all ages detox   


"​Since starting Yoga with Judy I have noticed a huge improvement in my running. I am able to maintain better breath control and concentration during a run. The benefits I have obtained in doing yoga helped me place 1st in my age group in my last 5K. My running mantra is "​I am one of Judy's Healing Warriors" ~Kathy, age 64

Wife, Mother, Runner, Healing Warrior 


Group Classes

​Get the motivation and community you need with like minded individuals, who  together create a healing warrior energy.    

" I always sleep better after Yoga class"


Wife, Mother, Occupational Therapist


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, that uses the spine to lengthen, strengthen, calm, and create a union of the mind, body, and spirit. If you can breathe you can do Yoga. Change your life with this transforming energy.     

" I have been running for the last five years and a year ago I decided to purchase a fitness watch. I was having trouble increasing my speed and wanted the additional data. What I quickly discovered is that my heart rate was very high for a long period of time. Not really knowing what to do I reached out to Energy with Judy. After talking to her, she gave me a yoga breathing exercise to slow down my heart rate. I saw results right away. My heart rate on a 6 mile run went from 175 BPM to 162 BPM. What this meant for me was that I could recover quicker, which in turn allowed me to run quicker because I was not out of breath. The results have been better than I hoped! My average pace went from 8:50 to 8:36. I would suggest anybody look to yoga as a means to help with their running. ~ Shane, age 32

Husband, Father,  Marathoner, Dopey Challenger, IT Specialist

"My back feels so much better since coming to Yoga class"


Wife, Mother, Office Worker


Focusing on abdominals and back. "It is the art of coordinating body-mind-spirit development through natural movements under strict control of the will"

~Joseph Pilates        

Client Testimonials


​A Japanese form of deep relaxation that promotes healing and provides you with a guiding compassionate energy.   

Personal Training/Weight Management

Achieve your weight loss, fitness, sport specific, injury prevention, or recovery goals with an exercise and whole foods program designed specifically for you 

​​​​​​​​" I am 1'' taller since doing Pilates. I can now do 10 REAL  Boy Push Ups, can run without my knees hurting and have managed my weight since coming to Yogalates class and Personally Training with Judy. "  - Krista

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur 

Trainings & Workshops

​Healing Warriors 6 Week training

Life Long Weight Management