Pilates is a full body conditioning routine that will build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination without adding muscle bulk. Pilates strengthens your Powerhouse muscles, which are your abdominals and back. You use these muscles in every movement you make. These exercises will strengthen the stomach, firm the buttocks, and help correct a weak and painful back. Pilates uses all ranges of motion, so your body becomes balanced, which will help prevent injuries. Its goal is to elongate muscles for a toned, sleek feel and look. Some of the other benefits of Pilates are it can help alleviate pain, stress and with boosting your mood. In addition to building muscle in your core, arms, and legs, it will also improve your flexibility and increase your joint mobility. Pilates can improve your posture and will calm your mind body and spirit.

Pilates focuses on cognitive function by coordinating breath with movement, which is crucial for a healthy mind as you age. Pilates can be done by everyone. There are no age limits regardless if you are eight or 80; everyone can benefit from Pilates exercises. 

Pilates Class
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