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YoCardio® is a new high calorie burning full body butts, guts and thighs workout that combines the benefits of Yoga and Cardio for all levels and ages. YoCardio® is a perfect mind and body fitness routine with a lengthy classic Vinyasa flow Yoga portion and then a final relaxation/meditation at the end that helps you learn the exercise of breathing. It is a Low Impact Cardio Vinyasa flow to hip hop music that is a fusion of Yoga and Cardio movements focusing on the buttocks, thighs, abdominals, and back. YoCardio® is for every - body and everybody.

Relieve stress, strengthen your heart, awaken, and calm your mind body and spirit. YoCardio® is the perfect cross training day off from your high impact high intensity workouts. You will get results with YoCardio®. Get it all: Cardio, Classic Yoga, and Meditation all in just 45 minutes! WHO Ya!

YoCardio Relaxation
Yoga in YoCardio